12 Reasons to Start Work on Your App Today


Bill Gross famously said, in his March 2015 TED Talk that timing is everything:

“The number one thing was timing. Timing accounted for 42 percent of the difference between success and failure. Team and execution came in second, and the idea, the differentiability of the idea, the uniqueness of the idea, that actually came in third.”

When it comes to making your app idea a reality, it’s better to begin sooner rather than later.

Often times, when people think too much on a decision, they end up missing their optimal window of opportunity. The reasons behind this principle boil down to two categories: your mentality and your resources.


In terms of your mentality, thinking too much on starting a business can cause you to doubt yourself. Also know as analysis paralysis anti-pattern. It’s no question that becoming an entrepreneur comes with risks; no one can ever guarantee what will work or not. Even the most successful businesspeople have experienced failures; it’s a part of the job. Knowing this, it’s natural to feel nervous about setting foot on such shaky ground. However, as the saying goes, you won’t know until you try. The only true failure comes to those who never try at all. Your ideas could very well be a goldmine.


Another mental pitfall is waiting. The “I’ll start this tomorrow” mentality does not work in the business world. My older cousin Andrew, a very successful Texas businessman repeats often that “business doesn’t wait”. Not only will you continually push things off, but the consumer may not want the same things tomorrow as they do today. Once your company is further along, you can undergo testing with your customers to find out what products, advertising, and ideas work for them; and you can always look at what other companies in your industry are doing. For the most part though, a lot of what you’ll do (especially in the beginning) is trial and error. Don’t allow your nerves to cause you to hesitate.


Pausing to think on things can cause your resources to slip away just as much as it can to your confidence. Right now, there are a ton of people looking for job opportunities. Whether they’re fresh out of college, or have been seeking new employment, potential staff members are ripe for the picking. However, don’t expect them to be waiting for you forever. If they’re truly good/talented hard workers, other businesses will seek them out. Establish yourself, and find them before they’re gone.


When it comes to being an entrepreneur, sometimes you can’t afford to play it safe. Be confident in yourself and your ideas; it’s a key trait. If you have a new idea, don’t focus on worries of rejection; focus on the wide array of possibilities that come with being a pioneer to a new thought. Keep in mind: nothing is ever certain when it comes to business; solid ideas can flop, and iffy ones can skyrocket. (Example: When Apple first began, there were many people who doubted the company’s future. Eventually, the out-of-garage business turned into one of the most popular tech companies in the world.)


Starting a business may be risky, but challenging roads often lead to rewarding destinations. If you have confidence and the money to withstand a fall or two, you can succeed as an entrepreneur. Just be sure to be quick to get the ball rolling before your opportunity passes and leaves you with regret.


12 Reasons to Start Today

  1. Better sooner than later!
  2. Over-thinking cripples confidence.
  3. Your ideas could == $.
  4. Don’t wait for tomorrow, it may never come.
  5. Trial and error, the only way to know what works.
  6. Don’t let resources slip away.
  7. People want to work for you.
  8. Confidence!
  9. Original ideas = tons of possibilities.
  10. Challenging roads lead to rewarding destinations.
  11. You may regret it if you don’t.
  12. Timing is everything, believe it!