iOS Projects

SwiftFix—The Uber of Cracked iPhones

Is your iPhone screen cracked? If it is, you need SwiftFix. SwiftFix is a convenient new service that comes to you to repair your iPhone or iPad on the spot. Just download the easy to use SwiftFix iOS app from the Apple App Store and request service today.  Chat with your tech in real-time and see a live map of his or her route to your position.


Anheuser-Busch InBev – Connections Summit App

Conventions can be huge and confusing, especially when you're a giant conglomerate with 200 brands.  We built an iOS and Android app that uses iBeacons and geofencing to keep attendees communicating and privy to special events around them via location-based rich messaging and push notifications.


ShotClock – the mono-tasking app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

We created a simple user interface for ShotClock to mirror the purpose of the app which is to simplify your life by helping you get focused and get more done in less time.

ShotClock helps you get more done quickly by focusing you on accomplishing one timed task at a time.