We're Faction Studio and we're dedicated to helping startups gain traction and acquire funding.  

We live in the moment and we're always looking forward, buuut a little background info is in order: We have worked with many startups over the years, some of which have gone on to huge success, most notably FitBit ($66M in funding—filed IPO on May 7, 2015), DropCam (acquired by Google for $555M) and Matcha (acquired by Apple for $15M to integrate into Apple TV).

Kristy and Jason founded Worry Free Labs in 2006, raised capital for it 2012, and sold it in November 2013 to Point Clear Solutions.  Worry Free Labs is a terrific full stack mobile development firm for enterprise projects starting at $250,000.  We highly recommend WFL if that's where you're at.  

If you're a startup, with a budget 1/10th of what's noted above, and you're looking to launch an MVP or validate your business model for Seed or Series A funding, then we're the absolute best partner for you.