Rivet VR

Faction Studio developed a cutting edge, real-time streaming 4k, 360-degree virtual reality video app for Rivet VR.  Faction developed custom barrel distortion and internal gyro integration for the Rivet app for its use with Google Cardboard VR.  The app also utilizes Wowza, VideoStitch and AWS Cloudfront.  Rivet received critical acclaim from Intel and it was featured onstage at the Intel Inside International Tech Conference.

Flutter Health

Flutter is an app with a big goal: To prevent the advancement of reproductive diseases in women through early screening.  Faction conceptualized, designed and developed Flutter over the course of a year with feedback from doctors, healthcare experts and women with reproductive disease.  The end result is an app that allows women to monitor their health, journal their symptoms, communicate with their care providers and engage in a community of other women.

SwiftFix—The Uber of Cracked iPhones

Is your iPhone screen cracked? If it is, you need SwiftFix. SwiftFix is a convenient new service that comes to you to repair your iPhone or iPad on the spot. Just download the easy to use SwiftFix iOS app from the Apple App Store and request service today.  Chat with your tech in real-time and see a live map of his or her route to your position.


Anheuser-Busch InBev – Connections Summit App

Conventions can be huge and confusing, especially when you're a giant conglomerate with 200 brands.  We built an iOS and Android app that uses iBeacons and geofencing to keep attendees communicating and savvy of special events around them via location-based rich messaging and push notifications.


ShotClock – the mono-tasking app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

We created a simple user interface for ShotClock to mirror the purpose of the app which is to simplify your life by helping you get focused and get more done in less time.

ShotClock helps you get more done quickly by focusing you on accomplishing one timed task at a time.


Rolodexter is your Relationship Concierge.  It helps you stay better connected with the most important people in your life, by providing the convenience, competence, and creativity of both a virtual assistant and personal concierge.  Rolodexter is your valet, agent and ultimate reminder.  The app is intimately aware of your routine and how you communicate, allowing you more time to nurture meaningful relationships by knowing your schedule, availability, and that of your contacts as well.

Campus Pursuit

Campus Pursuit connects students with brands through daily interactive scavenger hunts. Students use the app to find brand-sponsored prizes hidden around their college campus. A team of student brand ambassadors at each campus manages the scavenger hunts on the Heroku-based portal and spreads the word about the app, which is available on iOS and Android.




MAKE Beauty

We helped NYC-based Make Beauty make the move to Shopify from the Magento platform.  Their new Shopify website, which we custom designed and developed, is fast, responsive (works well on all devices) and they can more easily update it themselves.  Among many benefits they've had a sharp increase in online revenue.


Rosetta Getty

LA-based fashion designer Rosetta Getty came to Faction Studio to migrate her e-commerce website from Squarespace to Shopify.  We delivered exceptional results for Rosetta and got her site designed, launched and integrated with the API just in time for a pre-set press release.

J. Mueser

J. Mueser, a Greenwich Village based bespoke suit maker and high-end clothier chose Faction Studio to redesign their Shopify website.  We created a completely custom experience for them to showcase photos of their process, collections and company culture.  




New York based startup Pilot chose Faction Studio to bring their career improvement company to the digital realm.  Faction Studio designed a developed the PILOT website and platform using Squarespace and Ruby on Rails with Heroku.  The easy-to-use technology platform combined with focused, real-world advice empowers individuals to take control of their professional success. 

Mark Henry Jewelry

By utilizing only the finest quality materials and breathtaking designs, Mark Henry has secured its position as the final authority of Alexandrite Jewelry.  Mark Henry hired Faction Studio to design a custom website to showcase their unique brand and One in a Million jewelry.


Downtown Project

Making downtown Las Vegas a place of inspiration.  As investors and co-owners of Las Vegas startups, Downtown Project engaged Faction Studio to design and develop a custom Squarespace website that allowed their site visitors to filter through their portfolio of affiliated entities.

Shawn Henderson

The work of Shawn Henderson’s world-renowned interior design firm has graced the pages of Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle, New York Magazine and more.  He trusted Faction Studio to design and develop his website in accordance with his high standards—and that we did!


Koneko is not your every-day brand and they wanted their Squarespace website to reflect that.  That’s why they chose Faction Studio.  Using Squarespace’s Developer Mode, we designed and developed a custom website for Koneko that they love.